Enjoy Gentle, Yet Effective Tooth Extraction at Absolute Dental Care

At Absolute Dental Care, we know how much you treasure your natural teeth, and for this reason, we try multiple restoration treatments to salvage your tooth. But at times, tooth removal is usually the healthiest option on the table. But don’t worry. Tooth extraction can be painful and stressful — but it’s never with Dr. Todd Anderson. Because of his long-standing experience and expertise, he will safely remove your tooth, and the process will be over before you know it! 

Why tooth removal is necessary 

As much as your love your tooth, sometimes it has to go. When the tooth is severely damaged or decayed, the best option is to remove the tooth to save you oral pain and other health complications. The additional reasons why we recommend tooth extraction include:

  • Wisdom tooth: One of the common reasons we recommend tooth extraction is when a tooth (wisdom tooth) tries to grow behind your mouth when there isn’t room to accommodate this tooth. Because there is no space, the tooth becomes trapped partially or entirely under the gum line (impaction). While sometimes wisdom teeth don’t have to be removed, it’s the best course of action if it causes pain or there is a risk of infecting surrounding structures.
  • To stop the spread of infection: If you have advanced gum disease, removing teeth from the infected area can prevent further infection.
  • It’s part of another procedure: Sometimes, tooth removal is necessary to support orthodontic treatment or full mouth rehabilitation. 

Tooth extraction procedure 

You might have heard that tooth removal is painful, but as you will find out, the process is painless and saves you oral pain. The treatment starts with numbing the area near the diseased tooth. If it’s a simple extraction (where the tooth is visible), Dr. Anderson loosens the tooth with an elevator and then uses forceps to pull out the tooth. 

In case of a surgical extraction (where the tooth hasn’t erupted through the gum), your dentist will make an incision on the gum to access the tooth. And of course, this is done after administering anesthesia. Next, Dr. Anderson removes the tooth and stitches the surgical site to close the space. After treatment, we will give you aftercare tips to hasten your recovery. 

Experience Gentle Tooth Extraction in Nixa, Missouri 

Want to experience gentle tooth removal in Nixa, MO? Please dial (417) 815-6797 to book an appointment with Absolute Dental Care. Whether it’s simple tooth extractions, wisdom tooth removal, or emergency dental extractions, you can count on our dental team.