Dental Cleanings & Exams in Nixa, MO

Among the most important services provided here at Absolute Dental Care are dental cleanings and exams in Nixa, MO. This preventive care plays a key role in helping you maintain your oral health and smile throughout your life.

What To Expect During Dental Cleanings and Exams

When you visit our office for your cleaning and exam, you can expect our dentist and team to:

  • Thoroughly clean your teeth to remove plaque and tartar (also known as calculus). This helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Floss and polish your teeth.
  • Examine your teeth and mouth for cavities, bone loss, oral cancer, periodontal disease and signs of other damaging dental conditions.
  • Take any X-rays which may be necessary.
  • Discuss your oral health with you, as well as any additional treatments which may be recommended.

You should visit our dentist and team every six months to receive a dental cleaning and exam.

The Importance of Preventive Care

Preventive care is designed to help you keep your mouth healthy, maintain your natural teeth and avoid the need for more extensive care. The greater care you take in keeping your mouth, teeth, gums and supporting oral structures healthy, the greater your chances are for maintaining your natural teeth throughout your life. Routine dental exams allow Dr. Todd Anderson to keep an eye on your oral health, ensuring that any problems which develop are diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible. Similarly, dental exams help reduce your risk of developing those problems so that you can continue to enjoy good oral health.

Preventive dental care includes:

  • Maintaining a good home care routine – you should brush at least twice a day and floss daily.
  • Making and keeping regular appointments for dental cleanings and exams.
  • Additional preventive treatments, such as dental sealants and fluoride treatment.
  • Checking that oral appliances and dental restorations are in good condition.
  • Reviewing your diet and any habits that may affect your oral health and function.
  • Recommending oral health products or hygiene aids for your use.

Make Your Appointment

We invite you to call us today at 417-725-4746 to make your appointment with Dr. Anderson and learn more about dental cleanings and exams in Nixa, Missouri!