We support the absolute most comfortable and stress-free patient experience … with sedation dentistry

True to our name, we strive to provide the absolute best to our valued patients in Nixa, Fremont Hills, Springfield, Ozark, Clever, and across greater southwestern Missouri. 

Led by Dr. Todd Anderson, even patients with dental anxiety or “dentophobia” enjoy a pleasant, warm, inviting, and comfortable experience at our office. 

Gentle sedation dentistry at Absolute Dental Care 

“Sedation” refers to administering a medication that relaxes the patient. Relaxing sedatives are an excellent complement to our team’s friendly and non-judgmental approach to care. Sedation also complements our use of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. These technologies promote the most conservative, painless, and precise care possible. 

Dr. Anderson and our team are trained and equipped to provide oral conscious sedation. This sedative option means that our patients take a relaxing medication in pill form by mouth. The specific sedative is prescribed by Dr. Anderson. We also provide clear and thorough instructions. 

Patients may become so relaxed that they nod off during treatment; however, they remain conscious throughout their visit. They can respond to and communicate with our team.

Oral conscious sedation is versatile. Dr. Anderson has a range of medications to choose from, and the dosage can be customized to suit each individual’s needs. It is essential for our patients to arrange for someone to take them to and from our office in Nixa, Missouri. This sedative approach can cause lingering drowsiness. So, it is not appropriate for these patients to drive or operate machinery. 

In our highly capable hands, oral conscious sedation dentistry is: 

  • Safe 
  • Appropriate for patients with moderate anxiety or fear 
  • Well-suited to individuals undergoing longer or complex procedures
  • Appropriate to overcome clinical “triggers”
  • A great way to support overall health and wellbeing 

Dentophobia keeps patients away from preventative care. In turn, individuals with such fear and apprehension are more likely to have oral health problems. These problems include severe tooth decay and gum disease. 

Call Absolute Dental Care at (417) 815-6797 with questions about sedation dentistry. For your convenience, you may also reach out to us and request an appointment from this website.