Root Canal Therapy in Nixa, MO

If your tooth becomes infected or sustains other damage, our dentist may recommend root canal therapy in Nixa, MO to restore its health and function. This treatment can save your tooth and help you avoid the need for more extensive treatments to replace it.

What Is A Root Canal?

Root canal treatment is a type of endodontic therapy used to remove infection, decay and disease from the dental pulp. When damage reaches deep into the tooth, it can often cause significant discomfort and may eventually cause the tooth to die if left untreated. Root canals remove the damaged dental pulp to restore the health of the tooth and prevent it from being extracted.

What Happens During A Root Canal Treatment?

When you receive a root canal, our Nixa dentist will remove the infected and injured tissues from within your tooth and thoroughly clean it. We will then fill it with a medicated material to help prevent reinfection and encourage healing. The tooth will then be capped with a dental crown to protect it from additional damage and restore its original shape and structure. Most root canals can be completed in just one or two visits to Absolute Dental Care.

Root canal therapy has a reputation for being painful. However, the reality is that advances in treatment techniques, tools and anesthesia have made it possible to complete root canals with only minimal discomfort. Our Nixa dentist and team are dedicated to providing you with high-quality care and to ensuring that your visit is as comfortable as possible. We will discuss your sedation options with you to develop a treatment plan that will improve your oral health as well as allow to you remain comfortable during your procedure.

Are There Any Alternatives To Root Canal Therapy?

In most cases, root canal therapy is the only option to save your tooth. If a tooth cannot be saved, our Nixa dentist will most likely recommend a tooth extraction to remove it from your mouth before any additional damage can occur. Following an extraction, you will need to consider options to replace the missing tooth, such as a dental bridge or implant. Please speak with our dentist and team to discuss your oral health and determine if root canal therapy is the right option for you.

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