Absolute Dental Care Offers Dental Bridges to Replace Missing Teeth

If you are missing one or more teeth that don’t warrant dentures, Dr. Todd Anderson may recommend a dental bridge to fill the gap left by the missing teeth. A dental bridge from Absolute Dental Care not only restores your smile but also enhances your ability to chew food. 

How does a dental bridge work? 

A dental bridge uses artificial teeth (pontics) to fill the gap left in your mouth. And since bridges aren’t implanted in your jawbone, they get support from the adjacent teeth, fitted with a dental crown. To get dental bridges, Dr. Anderson examines your teeth to ensure that signs of tooth decay are treated before the bridge is fixed. Dental x-rays are also necessary to have a better look at your teeth and the supporting structures. 

Under local anesthesia, we file down the healthy teeth on either side of the gap to make an appropriate shape where the bridges will rest. Next, we take your mouth impressions and send the images to a dental lab to create your bridge. Until your bridge is ready, we may install a temporary bridge to protect the reshaped teeth. 

After a few weeks, your dental bridges will be ready for fixing. Dr. Anderson will take out the temporal bridge and then uses dental cement to bond your permanent bridge in place. A few final adjustments may be necessary until your bite feels normal. 

Benefits of dental bridges 

Thinking of replacing your teeth with dental bridges? Here are the benefits you accrue by opting for dental bridges: 

  • Restore your oral functionality
  • Bridges prevent adjacent teeth from shifting
  • They restore your confidence
  • A porcelain dental bridge is natural-looking – it blends perfectly with the rest of your smile
  • Bridges require little maintenance
  • Are versatile to replace teeth, whether at the back or front of the mouth 

Replace Lost Teeth with Dental Bridges from Absolute Dental Care serving residents in Nixa, Missouri 

Using dental bridges to replace your lost teeth can improve your appearance and oral function. Ready to get started? Please dial (417) 815-6797 to book an appointment with Absolute Dental Care in Nixa, MO.