Office Manager

Dede - Office Manager

Our Office Manager, Dede, has come full circle as a member of our team. Dede began her dental career in 1996 as the office manager at Dr. Houston Ker’s Northside Dental Clinic in Springfield. After relocating to Florida, Dede has returned and reunited here at Absolute Dental Care with fellow Northside alums Joni, Jeff, and Dr. Anderson. Dede combines a knowledge of the details of the business of dentistry with compassion and selfless attention to the needs of our patients.

Registered Dental Hygienist

Heaven, Registered Dental Hygienist

Our Registered Dental Hygienist, Heaven, is a native of the 50th state. Heaven and her family recently relocated to SW Missouri from Molokai, Hawaii. Raised in Hawaii, this is the first time she and her family have lived on the mainland. We are blessed to have Heaven on our team! In addition to the dental field, Heaven has experience in the airline, restaurant, and customer service industries. Heaven loves worshipping the Lord Jesus through dancing the Hula, singing, and playing ukulele and guitar. She and her husband, Brandon, are blessed with five children.

Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Julee - Dental Assistant

Julee, our Expanded Functions Dental Assistant, hails from Lancaster/Palmdale, California. With certifications from DAANCE (dental anesthesia assistant national certification exam), DOCS oral sedation, and the full range of expanded functions certifications, Julee brings an extra level of knowledge and capability to our practice. However, a list of credentials doesn’t begin to convey the value Julee brings to our office. Julee combines technical mastery with a heart devoted to patient care. Julee genuinely cares about every one of her patients and is committed to making your visit pleasant and fun.

Denture Technician

Tara, Laboratory Technician - Absolute Dental Care

Our “Denture Artist,” Tara was one of the founding members of New Life Dental Center when this office opened in 2012. She has over ten years’ experience creating beautiful, natural-looking dentures, and we’re fortunate to have her back with us. Tara is one of the reasons we are unique, as most dental offices do not fabricate dentures and partials on-site. But we have Tara, and we do. She’s one of the best in the biz, and she will enable us to create the most natural smile possible when we make your new denture.

Expanded Functions Dental Assistant


Joni, our Expanded Functions Dental Assistant, continues to set the example, and the tone, bringing joy, positivity, and a personal touch to our dental office every day. The work family here at Absolute Dental Care has been together for many years. Originally from Michigan, Joni was a team member at Northside Dental Clinic from its inception in the 1980s. It was there where Joni’s path intersected with Dede’s and Dr. Anderson’s. Knowledgeable, selfless, tireless, and caring, Joni makes our dental office feel like home.