Complete Your Smile and Restore Oral Function with Fixed Full Arch Restoration

Absolute Dental Care offers life-changing full arch dental restorations to help patients missing all their teeth to regain oral function and confidence. Whether you have lost most or all your teeth, Dr. Todd Anderson uses the dental implant approach to replace your teeth. 

What are fixed full arch restorations?

Patients who have lost teeth to decay, gum disease, or accident can replace their missing teeth with dentures. Although dentures are affordable teeth replacements, they tend to lose their grip as your jawbone deteriorates. As a result, you may experience slippage when talking or eating. 

Patients looking for a more stable option to traditional dentures can opt for full arch dental implants. These restorations involve dental implants installed in your jawbone to anchor a dental prosthesis, which can be a denture or bridge.  

What to expect from fixed full arch restoration

If you want to replace your full arch of teeth with dental implants, you can consider a removable implant retained denture or a fixed implant-supported bridge. Most patients who don’t fancy removable teeth prefer fixed implant-supported bridges. In most cases, fixed full arch restorations require four to six implants — the number of implants depends on several local and anatomical factors. 

Any implant-based restoration starts with a consultation with a qualified dentist like Dr. Anderson. We use digital X-rays and 3D scans to analyze the bone levels in your mouth. If you have a healthy jawbone, we surgically insert dental implants in your teeth. Then, we attach a natural-looking denture or bridge to restore your teeth. 

Benefits of fixed full arch dental restorations

Full-mouth dental implants are the closest thing you will get after your natural teeth are gone. The teeth are fully functional and closely mimic your natural teeth in almost every way. 

The benefits of replacing your teeth with fixed full arch restorations include the following:

  • Remain stable when chewing and talking
  • Feel and function like your natural teeth
  • Stimulate your jawbone to prevent bone loss
  • Provide a permanent solution to tooth loss
  • Easy to maintain

Restore the function and esthetics of your smile with full arch dental reconstructions

Never go on about life with missing teeth. Absolute Dental Care offers full arch dental implants to help patients missing multiple or all teeth. To get started, please dial (417) 815-6797 to book a free consultation with Dr. Todd Anderson.